Welcome to Angakurudoli Refuge Foundation

Angakurudoli Refuge Foundation is a registered national nonprofit in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with the Corporate Affairs Commission. we care for and support vulnerable children through providing shelter, educational opportunities, rehabilitation, economic empowerment, and trauma healing. We rehabilitate young addicts and help them integrate responsibly into the society and also importantly educate communities on the dangers of drugs and substance abuse amongst young people and where parents or guardians can help in early detection of abuse so they can seek urgent help

As educators we want to help youth stay clear of drugs and are constantly seeking ways to reach them before the dealers do. While time and resources for effective drug education are sometimes lacking, and the materials used are often outdated, not to mention that they don’t factually speak to the youths, ARF is partnering with organizations, religious institutions, communities and Individuals to help provide the right education to youths.